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Internet, let’s make YouTube’s vile comments section a better place.  Follow a video of your choosing with a bizarre comment – not negative, nor offensive, but simply designed to make a stranger’s day that little bit more surreal – and share your contribution with us.  For example:

Review etiquette states one shouldn’t judge outtakes as harshly as proper cinematic output. To that notion I say “balderdash”, for as this short piece of improvisational theatre proves, unscripted material can represent the purest of unfiltered artistic visions in the right hands.  And the hands of YouTube user “LalaaLou” prove very right indeed.

Following the groundbreaking double-punch of crowd pleaser Birthdayy and the introspective Tom and Katy 2, one could be forgiven for expecting this young up-and-coming auteur to scout for further untapped potential in the documentary sphere. But LalaaLou, long perceived in the YouTube community as a daring visual pioneer, is as always keen to corageously explore and map entirely new artistic landscapes.

Under this Spielbergesque directional gusto, the ensemble cast acts flawlessly as a single entity; so perfect a muse that the original vision and performance are inseparable.  One must gaze beneath the surface; beyond petty technical issues of timing and choreography, to find the poetry in this very discordance; beauty in the eye of the storm; the calm, if you will, in the chaos.  Only then does one discover the rich emotional subtext: it is not about the end product, but the journey.

Future generations might very well admire – nay, worship – this 0.38 minute manifesto as the definitive template, if not the outright final word, on Chad Kroeger commentary. I laughed. I cried. YouTube video designate elv4kGQv8EI works on every possible level, and then some more. The best independent film ever made?  Quite probably.

Comment on a YouTube video and report back to us below in our own, less vile comments section.
More reviews will be added intermittently.

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3 Responses to “A Heart Worth Breaking: Online Remediation As Art In The Postmodern Musical Landscape”

  1. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    Shake That – Anime Dance video (please do not watch this)

  2. ZinggyNo Gravatar Says:

    This Is Harder Than It Looks.

    Or maybe I’m just some sort of insecure pseudo-perfectionista.

  3. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    My bad. If I wanted to make this a Fun Community Activity, I really should have opened with a one-sentence comment, rather than implying everyone should write an elaborate multi-part essay.

    For what it’s worth, I’m enjoying this, and I really do consider it a bizarre community service. (Every bemused “wait, what?” cancels out a “lol u ugly” elsewhere on YouTube.)

    Dear Cbrian84,
    You look like you have a good sense of direction. The two leftmost lanes on the William Jolly bridge are currently closed for repair, making a left turn into Petrie Tce. impossible unless I drove through Brisbane city at peak hour via Roma St. Can you suggest a better route to Waterworks Rd?
    Thanks for your help, and all the best with your second album.

    Ah, memories. This show was truly in its prime back in the fifth season. In my opinion it should have ended at that year’s finale, even if it was a cliffhanger. It just wasn’t the same after HBO picked it up, and don’t get me started on the mercifully shortlived Foot Frenzy spinoff!
    But I digress. Will there be any director or cast commentaries on the upcoming DVD reissue?

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