The Chicken Feed

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The Rubber Chicken (, as the kids call it) is a “humour” website. Theoretically, we make you laugh.

Since the Year of Our Lord 2000, this cunningly hidden online orifice has served to quarantine us, a fun-lovin’ team of word butchers with a borderline-illegal passion for written comedy, audio sketches and early ’90s cartoons, from you, the general public.

By this point, you’re probably ready to dismiss us as an irrelevant Something Awful ripoff. How wrong you are, my friend. How wrong you are.  Remember the 2004 rumour that John Rhys-Davies would be voicing General Grievous in Star Wars Episode III? That was us.  See? We’re a culturally relevant Something Awful ripoff.

If you’re new to The Rubber Chicken, we strongly recommend subscribing to our podcast.  We pour our hearts and souls into this ongoing sketch comedy series, and remain immensely proud of every episode.  You can also view this sassy collection of our best moments for a crash course in TRC history.

Contact The Rubber Chicken

We welcome all* questions and comments.  Either take advantage of the handy comment form under any one of our posts, or shoot your thoughts to:

*We do, from time to time, regret this invitation.

Team TRC

The following strapping young lads represent The Rubber Chicken’s current core editorial team:

Now our egos have been appeased, let us pay tribute to our large extended family of writers, voice actors, musicians, artists and general clingers-on who have helped the site over the years.  While petty issues (mostly technical, and a few personal) stop us naming them on this page, you can view an automatically (but lovingly) generated list of all contributors on the database, active or otherwise, below:

[Still waiting for a WordPress Plugin to upgrade so we can get that list going.  Um.  This is awkward.]

If you, too, would like to write/speak/perform/think for The Rubber Chicken, we are open to all quality material and ideas of any size, shape or medium, be it on a regular basis, or a shallow-but-steamy one-night-only affair.  If you can provide…

  • Written material
  • Pictures
  • Recorded voice auditions for the Podcast
  • Audio sketch scripts
  • Movies / TV shows / books / dubious merchandise to review
  • Any ideas whatsoever (we ran out of good ones around 2004)

…Simply get in touch by the contact details above and rap with us, brother.