The Chicken Feed

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Alastair Craig

Alastair Craig is a Creative Industries and Creative Writing graduate based in Brisbane, Australia, and as such, is not even remotely employable. He has recently completed a Masters in Creative Advertising (he really likes the word "creative") and plans to face the real world any year now.

Alastair founded The Rubber Chicken in 2000 and has now been running it in its indistinguishably varied forms for a third of his life, for which he has no regrets. He has recently taken an unexpected shine to audio editing, and is a far more smitten with the creatively (see?) rewarding Rubber Chicken Podcast than is strictly appropriate for one's own show.

Alastair is every bit as sickeningly optimistic as you'd expect from someone who uses the online monikier "HappyBob", and the skip in his step has been known to drive men to suicide.

Rubber Chicken Contributions