The Chicken Feed

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Ben K

Ben is just one part of The Rubber Chicken team. Although arriving fashionably late when compared to its initial members, he's made up for it with his subtle plan to transform the website into the Shredder and Krang Fortnightly Extravaganza progressing steadily. (Cartoonist Andy is just one more cog in this machine-like plan). Ben was a huge fan of the website X-Entertainment (and its pinnacle, the coverage of The Worst Witch featuring Tim Curry), and if his work on The Rubber Chicken can be even a tiny bit as inspired as that, then he'll be able to heave a sigh of relief for one more day.

Ben, like other contributors of The Rubber Chicken, also writes and voices for the Podcast. Ben does not make any claims of quality (acting or otherwise), so if his stuff winds up in the Podcast and it's terrible, it's either the recording equipment, the mixers, or, ultimately, you, the audience.

Although Ben loves terrible movies, including, but not limited to those lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000, this has caused him to be typecast by the rest of the team who now think that he loves all things terrible, such as Street Sharks. While painful, Ben did find that spewing pure venom for the Street Sharks series was somewhat relieving. He's got his eye out for more terrible, nonsensical, and badly written media so that he can pick it apart and just plain get angry about it.

Ben is also the creator of the series of Crap Comics. Ben felt that honesty is the best policy in life, and as he can't draw in the slightest, he felt that it would just be best to get people to lower their expectations to below ground level. This way, in the unlikely event that the comics are even remotely amusing, people might get a better reaction out of them.

Ben does not like parsnips.

External Links:

  • - A tribute to cartoon logic, co-run by Ben.

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