The Chicken Feed

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Mister Bung

Brett Cullen is a graduate in Film and as such, knows everything about everything in every film ever. Just ask him. He doesn’t like Tim Burton though because he’s a “gothic fairy who keeps casting the same bloody cast.”

His work at The Rubber Chicken is often described by critics as ‘using letters of the alphabet’, ‘suprisingly coherent’ and ‘thankfully infrequent’. Luckily his thick skin has enabled him to shuck these malicious comments and continue his struggle for internet mediocrity. His thick skin also allows him to shuck off explosions and lasers, thus earning him the nickname of ‘Thicky’, or at least that was the story told to us.

His dulcet and strangely hypnotic tones can be heard throughout the Rubber Chicken Podcasts and, according to Mr Cullen, he is the only person in the Podcasts, which he tells us “...illustrates (his) vast and unimaginable voice talent. Someone get me a sandwich.” (This request was sadly unfullfilled.)

He is currently sleeping his way straight to the middle of the local Film and Television industry and hopes to one day make his film about a Killer Robot who steals the hearts of hobos to make a girl love him.*

Someday Mr Cullen, someday.

*Mr Cullen would like us to add that he will flay you if you decided to use this idea.

Rubber Chicken Contributions