The Chicken Feed

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Tim Morrison

First there was nothing. Then there was Tim.

No, actually that's not entirely accurate. There were a few things that came before him, various sundries such as shoes, automobiles and processed cheese. But following in the wake of all that tripe, like a screaming thirteen year-old being towed on a skateboard by a rope tied to the back of a slightly dented Volkswagen Beetle, comes Tim.

Having had the good fortune to befriend Alastair at university sometime around the turn of the century, he was swiftly recruited to what he believed to be the Deadly and Feared Rubber Chicken Underground Militia. In truth, it was actually The Rubber Chicken Humour Website, but you can't sweat the small stuff. These things happen.

Tim doesn't actually do much of anything on the site, but tries to make a lot of noise about it in order to still seem important. When he is actually press-ganged into producing something, you can most often find him working on the podcast, be it in the editing room, or just screaming silly voices into a microphone.

Rumours of his death have been greatly exaggerated. (Contrary to popular opinion, he has only died once.)

Rubber Chicken Contributions