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In light of recent news, let us set aside our silly podcasts and Ninja Turtle appraisal and take a moment to celebrate the human spirit.  Let’s not delude ourselves with nihilistic doomsday predictions, humanity: we are pretty darn-tootin’ great.

And for only $10.99, this greatness can be yours to cherish forever! From the Earth to the Moon, Tom Hanks’ brilliant 12-part love letter to the Apollo missions, is now sickeningly cheap on If you’ve ever found yourself staring wistfully at the full moon, marvelling, as the honking drivers behind you shout “GREEN LIGHT, MORON”, that our little species could get so far, you owe it to yourself to watch this uplifting, heartbreaking and occasionally hilarious series.  My friends assure me it is officially on the list of Pop-Culture Moments In Which A Grown Man Is Permitted To Cry, right between The Time Traveller’s Wife and the ending of Terminator 2.

We now return to our regularly scheduled discussion topic: donatello from tmnt or the professor from honey i shrunk the kids who is the better mechanic??? Please leave your replies below.

Neil, Buzz, Michael, if any of you choose to celebrate your accomplishment with a quiet night indoors reading an obscure Australian/Canadian comedy page: we salute you.

10 Responses to “Celebrating The Original Mooon People”

  1. Tim MorrisonNo Gravatar Says:

    TRC: Keeping it classy for 40 years and counting.

    This one’s going out to our homeboys, The Mooon People. Stay cool, guys.

  2. HMBNo Gravatar Says:

    I just ate a grape.

  3. HMBNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh, forgot to mention. I was talking to the Chinese government the other day and it asked me to buy the Moon. Apparently there’s still a really big treasury bond deficit in its favor, and GM SUVs and aren’t enough to balance the books.

    From now on we are contractually required to represent the Moon as being made of green beancurd.

  4. Mr. KarlNo Gravatar Says:

    Tom Hanks… :( How much Tom Hanks is in it? :(

  5. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    On-camera? He stands in front of a mighty statue of the Greek god Apollo for the first 30 seconds of every episode, giving an awkward scripted monologue, but don’t let that put you off. This series will make you, and indeed any Irishman/Australian like you or I, proud to be American.

  6. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    Incidentally, since this Earthrise photo was taken from lunar orbit, Mr.Pants and HappyBob are technically a gargantuan Godzillaesque size here. This mistake, for which I blame the economy, has no bearing on any past or future animated GIFs. Just in case that was keeping anyone up at night.

  7. ZinggyNo Gravatar Says:

    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!
    You lie!

    I sort of forgot where I was going with this.

    In fact I didn’t read very much of the above and only have the slightest glimmer of what’s going on.

    That said, happy birthday Moon! May we cower in fear of your mighty maw.

  8. Mr. KarlNo Gravatar Says:

    Thank you, A. Craig. DVDs should come with government warnings detailing the extent of Tom Hanks contained within. I thought this was supposed to be a nanny state?

  9. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    The Polar Express burned you bad, didn’t it Karl?

  10. AngelNo Gravatar Says:

    Donatello; I don’t trust that Professor.

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