The Chicken Feed

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Extracts From My LiveJournal

Posted on November 17th, 2004 by Alastair Craig

I. The Blackest of Nights
My mascara; my blood
Running down my face
As the blade of popularity
Falls gently into the Abyss
As I scream at the Heavens
“Why must you torment me so?
…Why, Mother, why?
…Did you have to ground me
on the week of the Linkin Park concert?”

II. The Death of Freedom
Oh! Society
Like an injured bee
It buzzes… buzzes…
Then stops.
And misunderstands me.

III. Happy Sunshine Flowers
As I think noose-shaped thoughts
Like an elongated serpent of misery
All the kittens laugh
Blood, blood, my bittersweet blood
Drunk from the wineglass of oppression
As I apply my eyeliner

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