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Great Scott! (Sorry, sorry.)

Posted on August 24th, 2009 by Scott McQuaig

And then a rather witty notion struck me. It's more like "Doctor POO", isn't it?Alastair: During his brief but bright tenure as Rubber Chicken cartoonist in 2003-4, Scott McQuaig gave us a memorable visual personality that lingers to this day.  (I could have used a fart metaphor there, but no, I’m better than that.)  Even now, many of his creations peer out from the left hand side of this website, each a glorious gaseous tendril of nostalgia.

Scott has recently thawed from creative hibernation – some call it “business school” – to deliver this hand-crafted rendition of “popular” podcast “personality” Sir Nigel Haversmith IV.  See it.  Smell it.  Savour it.  And if you would like to see more of our audio-only characters brought to life, please share your suggestions below.  Scott’s return to artistry is a self-admittedly tentative one, and with this public call-out, I hope to lure him back with guilt.

Oh, and registration is no longer required to post a comment, so a big “hello” to our new spambot readership!

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5 Responses to “Great Scott! (Sorry, sorry.)”

  1. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    I for one am rooting for his take on Hardcore Holmes or Vietnam Veteran Turned International Soldier of Fortune Cobra. Please, Scott? Pleeeeease?

  2. Rebecca BrownNo Gravatar Says:

    Eerily close to how I’d picture Nigel, except I usually see him without pants and holding a rubber chicken (sans pulley).

  3. ZinggyNo Gravatar Says:

    Personally, I’m a big fan of You, Ten Years From Now.

  4. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    It’s refreshing to see somebody else’s imagination take on Nigel. Thanks to my behind-the-scenes perspective, mine can’t conjure up anything more than Tim in an unconvincing moustache.

    A zombie version of drowned Prime Minister Harold Holt would also be most boss.

  5. AngelNo Gravatar Says:

    My god, he looks brilliant.
    Well my vision of him had always been more like this:

    Not quite sure of my reasons for thinking so.

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