The Chicken Feed

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Halo? More Like Cello!

Posted on November 10th, 2004 by Ben K

As you may have guessed, things have been running a bit slow lately, and we’re also slack. But mainly busy. Really. I’m not apologizing for this, because that’s what we would have done in 2002 (seriously, take a look at the updates – it’s delightfully naive). Instead, to help the excellent Scott with his workload (in addition to being totally kickarse, doing the art, and PHP, he ALSO does MYSTERY OTHER THINGS, like steal lamp posts), I have taken it upon myself to hire two new staff members.

They are two kittens, and I figure, hey why not, everyone loves a kitten. Also, they arrived in a basket. FROM OUTER SPACE! And went past The Tardis! I’ve been assured that these kittens can do anything. And God damn are they cute. So, the kitten on the left (Oscar) will be assistant artist, while the kitten on the right (Mittens) will be helping out with the PHP.

Please be sure to be friendly to them as they are a bit shy, but I’ve assured them that you’re all cool. So you’d better not disappoint me in front of the kittens.

No, seriously, I just couldn’t take that.

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