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By Andrey
There's a fine line (and only three letters) between patriotism and prostitution.

Thanks for reading my blog everyone, lets see how long it stays up before the CIA or the FBI step in and shut me down, but Iím gonna tell you right now that what I have to say isnít a conspiracy theory. Itís the total 100% truth and once you see the proof and you open your eyes you will know that thereís no way for them to deny it.


By now everyone has seen the Cloverfield tape, which shows the horrible things that happened in Manhattan last April. The US government maintains still that the city was attacked by a giant monster that was too strong to even be killed by carpet-bombing and they finally had to initiate the hammer-down protocol after the president gave the order. But guess what! George Bush KNEW Cloverfield was going to happen. Ask him Ė he probably wonít even deny it.

Think about this:
  • The US government has known about the Old Deep Ones that live out on Devilís Reef in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for decades. They even FUNDED their war with the Shadow Out Of Time in 1991.
  • Everyone knows that Manhattan is built on one of the richest oil reserves in the world.
  • By allowing Cloverfield to happen, the US not only gets access to that oil, but also has a smoking gun giving them a reason to invade and bring democracy to Devilís Reef Ė all part of the plan to make a Pax Americana!!!

    Starting to make sense? I bet. But these facts by themself donít prove much except that I know my history and have a keen sense of politic. Hereís where the proof comes in. First, letís see if you can answer these questions without questioning some of the answers the Bush Administration is giving you:

  • If Cloverfield was not expected, why was it so easy to evacuate Manhattan so quickly, even after the collapse of the big bridge AS SEEN ON THE TAPES. They werenít so lucky with New Orleans Ė so why Cloverfield? Hint: THEY KNEW.
  • The statue of libertyís head has tooth-marks on it, but was also shot hundreds of miles through the air. We have seen that the monster could not have SPAT that far, judging by his facial geometry Ė so how did this happen? Hint: A
  • If US Soldiers knew their bullets didnít work, why did they keep shooting them? Hint: TO BUY TIME.
  • How could the monster knock down some buildings, and only scratch up others? Should its weight not be consistent? HINT: Frame-by-frame analysis shows that some of the buildings fell at DEMOLITION SPEED.

    I think you can see where the evidence is starting to point, am I right? The next Red Flag that you wonít be seeing on CNN any time soon is this one: Look at it:

    How could the battery of the Cloverfield Camera have lasted all night? This is the same question that was asked when we saw that footage of the moon-landing, and NASA has not responded to my emails regarding either one (which says a lot). The only way the Cloverfield camera could have had such a Super-Battery and Survived a nuclear explosion and bridge cave-in is if it was made from the same material used to make plane black-boxes and given a CIA battery that the CIA use.


    Why would that be? Could it be because the tape is specifically designed to make it LOOK like thereís a monster attacking Manhattan for no reason? At one point, we see it get carpet-bombed and it is still alive after. Could those planes have POSSIBLY been dropping the same REAL, US armaments that decimated Iraq and Afghanistan so effortlessly? I doubt it. They wanted that monster to hold out. And the proof is this:

    There are pieces missing from the Cloverfield tape. There are whole chunks where the footage mysteriously cuts back to some couple on a train or in a ferris-wheel or whatever. Knowing how high-tech and indestructible the camera is, the only way this could have happened is if the government decided to edit something out.


    This is the one part of this expose where Iíll stop telling you 100% facts and tell you my opinion, which is still reliable, but I want to make it clear that this is the only part that can ever be argued, and even then not too much. Here is what I believe:

    On the deleted parts of the Cloverfield tape, we can see that the monster is being egged on, lead around the city and basically herded by US soldiers who are deliberately not finishing it off. They were more than happy to kill the little smaller creatures (which by the way bullets had no trouble taking down), but the big one they let run around.

    I believe that every time he refuses to talk about Cloverfield George Bush is making himself look guiltier and guiltier, and the Old Deep Ones of Devilís Reef may be evil demi-gods whose rising heralds an apocalypse, but the fact that we disagree with their fundamental beliefs doesnít mean we can just go in there and change things.

    I want everyone who reads this to go tell a friend about it, and to make sure that we are not promoting ignorance and stupidity the way that the newsmedia is promoting it, but that we are looking for the TRUTH and we are always QUESTIONING and DECONSTRUCTING even the most basic things that nobody in their right mind would waste hours inanely debriefing on some blog somewhere.

    I will be updating this with more proof as it becomes available but for now letís hope that Michael Moore can help us on this one, and the PATRIOT ACT doesnít get me shut down too quick because the world has to know:


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