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Chat to all the other Rubber Chicken readers. All three of them are wonderful people.

Confused by a poorly-executed joke? Wanting to explore the lush tapestry of confusing continuity behind that appalling series of stick figure animations? Welcome, friend, to the TRCwiki: analysis so comprehensive you'll almost forget the mediocrity of the original material.

Home of the world famous Quack Capô.
Dick Valentine from the band Electric Six happily wore it, and he hasn't even read the site. Imagine what it could do for you!

Learn more about the website, the manly specimens who run the operation, and how to contribute your own material.

Don't worry. The man above is no longer a full-time employee.

  • Podcast Episode 206: TRC's Candid St. Crispin's Day Jamboree
  • Podisode #5: Topical Humor
  • Movie: The Business of Evil
  • The Mx Letters Page: A Tribute
  • Movie: Birthday Smear
  • Podisode #4: Clap: A Documentary

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