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Santa Klau-au-auss

Posted on December 26th, 2006 by Gord Myren

The culturally-sensitive closing song of the 2006 Christmas Podcast.

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Music written and performed by Gord Myren.
Lyrics written and performed by Andrey Summers.
Recorded by the Red Square Collective.

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Lyrics after the jump

Santa Klau-au-auss

Every year in West you celebrating
When the fat man breaks into your homes
He have a present for your childrens if they sit up on his lap
The name by which the pedophile is known is

Santa Klau-au-auss
Sneak at night into your house
With a list of all the children that he likes

Santa Klau-au-auss
Is not easily aroused
But he knows which ones is naughty and which nice

In my country if old man is knowing
When my childrens sleep or is awake
I do not demand my wife to leave the cookies and the milk
But instead I smash his face in with a rake

But America is a much confusing
In the things they choose to celebrate
Like in springtime when the rabbit lays the brown things that you eat
And you crucify this Jesus you must hate

Santa Klau-au-auss
Have long fangs inside his mouth
And he slithers through the forrest hungrily

Santa Klau-au-auss
In his claws he catch the mouse
And he build a nest on top of Christmas tree

(Big finish)
Santa Klau-au-auss
Sell his soul to hell like Faust
And the devil give to him eternal life
Santa Klau-au-auss
In the frozen north he’s housed
In a prison made of dragon scales and ice

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