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An Australian / Canadian sketch comedy show set against the backdrop of the impending apocalypse.

Written and Performed by:
Alastair Craig * Andrey Summers * Ben Kosmina * Brett Cullen * Chad McCanna * Chris Shadforth
Fiona Revill * Gord Myren * James Simpson * Michael Cope * Tim Morrison

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  • The series alternates between proper, scripted episodes and shorter, more casual "Podisodes".
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  • Direct Episode Downloads

    Episode 206: The Rubber Chicken's Candid St. Crispin's Day Jamboree
    In this festive holiday special, The Rubber Chicken invites you to have a nibble at the ceremonial moose-head, stuff some gifts in your kids' shoes, and wring in St. Crispin's Day with us like the heathen kings of old.

    Starring Andrey Summers, Tim Morrison, Fiona Revill, Michael Cope and "Dave".
    with Brett Cullen, Alastair Craig and Gord Myren

    Written and compiled by Andrey Summers
    Additional editing by Alastair Craig

    Podisode #5: Topical Humor
    Bonus sketch: an unbroadcast 2007 interview with Popular Character Actor Alec Baldwin.

    Written and compiled by Andrey Summers.

    Podisode #4: Clap: A Documentary
    What happens when you remove the first person to clap in a theatre? This comprehensive, 2.5 minute exercise in sadistic sociology aims to find out.
    Starring Fiona Revill, Andrey Summers and Alastair's Family.

    Written and compiled by Alastair Craig.

    Episode 205: Podcast Most Fowl
    A world-weary noir detective and a dark 'n' gritty reimagining of Sherlock Holmes investigate the brutal death of a beloved TRC cast member in this epic murder mystery / romantic comedy / time travel adventure.

    Starring Fiona "I Don't Really Sing Like This" Revill as Lil' Orphan Annie

    Written by Andrey Summers, Alastair Craig and Tim Morrison.
    Additional scenes by Ben Kosmina and Chad McCanna.

    Rock Mobster (It's Funny, You See, Because...)
    composed under academic duress by Alastair Craig.

    Zombie Girl appears courtesy of The Terrordactyls

    Compiled by Alastair Craig

    Podisode #3: Peas in Pandemonium
    Tonight on The James & Andrey Improvise Things Show:
    Michael Carmichael, CEO of Carmichael Canned Goods, defends his controversial decision to market processed vegetables to the eternally damned by opening a portal into Hell.
    Revised Edition: Now includes a tantalising trailer of terrifying events to come!

    Compiled by Andrey Summers
    Additional material and editing by Alastair Craig

    Podisode #2: We're Really Very Sorry
    Improvisation goes horribly, horribly wrong in the second installment of The Rubber Chicken Podisodes.
    Featuring unheard season one content that should have remained that way, the return of the Splicey-Dicey segments, and much hand-wringing and embarasment all round.

    Compiled by Tim Morrison

    Episode 204: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Podcast
    It's guffaws at 700 feet as The Rubber Chicken troupe takes to the skies. Guest starring Real Live Celebrity Michelle Rodriguez.

    Includes the sketches:
    In-Flight Announcements
    Stephen Hawking and Satan Discuss Emoticons
    Andrey vs Fiona: Countdown to Biology
    Susie vs Robbie: Farewell Young Lovers
    The Self-Referential Sketch
    Toni's Brain
    An Unsanitary Paradox

    Wanna B N Angel recorded by the Red Square Collective.
    View Lyrics | Download Song | Add to MySpace profile

    Compiled by Alastair Craig

    Podisode #1: Bonus Sketches
    Introducing The Rubber Chicken Podisodes, a companion series of bonus sketches and outtakes.
    Featuring unheard season one content, a preview of things to come, and the full theme song to Andrey and Gord's play Lovestruck.

    Compiled by Alastair Craig

    Episode 203: King Podcast and the Knights of the Roundtable
    Go behind the scenes to discover the exact quantity of blood, sweat and tears (amongst other bodily fluids) The Rubber Chicken's writers will sacrifice to make you say "yeah, that's kind of funny, I guess".

    Written and performed by Tim Morrison, Andrey Summers, Brett Cullen, Ben Kosmina and Alastair Craig.

    Also starring Fiona Revill and Gord Myren.
    And introducing Alastair's Mum and Chad McCanna.

    Compiled by Alastair Craig

    Episode 202: Podcast: Impossible
    A ripping yarn of intrigue and international espionage, as told through the most trusted of narrative devices: the answering machine.

    Written and performed by Michael Cope and Andrey Summers.
    Also starring Fiona Revill.

    "Terrorist" appears courtesy of The Terrordactyls.

    Compiled by Andrey Summers.
    Additional material and editing by Alastair Craig

    Episode 201: Radio City Music Hall Presents 'An Evening with Podcast'
    In this comeback special, The Rubber Chicken daringly takes on the world's easiest target: FM radio.

    Includes the sketches:
    The Secret Sound
    Arnold P. Gizzardnaut
    Fear 91.1 FM
    Nickelback to Nickelback
    The Last Day
    Stephen Hawking & Satan Discuss Comic Timing
    Roadkill with Billy-Bob
    The Turtle Song

    The I Feel Pretty Good Blues recorded by the Red Square Collective.
    View Lyrics | Download Song | Add to MySpace profile

    Compiled by Alastair Craig & Tim Morrison

    Episode 108: Christmas Special 2006
    The Canadian half of the Rubber Chicken family deliver the Christmas Podcast to end not only other such podcasts, but also possibly civilization as a whole.

    Written by Andrey Summers, James Simpson and Fiona Revill

    Starring Gord Myren, Andrey Summers, Emily Horn, Fiona Revill and Sonny Bobardt
    with Cathy Hronek, Dan Horn, Adrienne Paulson and "Dave".

    Original Music by Gord Myren.
    "Santa Klau-au-auss" recorded by the Red Square Collective.
    Download MP3 | Add to MySpace profile

    Compiled by Andrey Summers

    Season One OUTcast
    The cutting room floor is raided for outtakes, bloopers and incredibly offensive musical numbers by tone-deaf people. Fans only.

    Compiled by Tim Morrison.

    Episode 107: Podcasat vs The Red Menace
    The double-length season finale, in which Beryl learns the true meaning of the word "callipigious".

    Includes the sketches:
    Andrey/Emily: SHOWDOWN
    Bacon and Eggs
    Death of a Paint Show
    Hlaude's Horrible Hliffhanger
    Insert Line Here
    Evil Rollerblades
    The Mystery of the Exploding Butler (cliffhanger)

    Guest starring Emily Horn.

    "Final Song" recorded by the Red Square Collective.

    Compiled by Alastair Craig & Tim Morrison
    Additional production and and remixing by Brett Cullen

    Episode 106: The Island of Doctor Podcasto
    The Existential Electrician consults a Rock Lobster regarding a bag of puppies. Featuring special guest musicians The Terrordactyls.

    Includes the sketches:
    The Testicular Cancer Essay Showcase
    The Existential Electrician
    Funeral Eulogy
    The Mystery of the Exploding Butler (Parts 3-4)
    A Friendly Hostage Scenario
    At Home with The Announcer
    Bag of Puppies
    ...and more!

    Compiled by Alastair Craig
    (Additional semi-sober planning by Tim Morrison. "Bag of Puppies" soundbite reluctantly contributed by Hannah Craig.)

    Episode 105: Murder, She Podcast (Starring Angela Lansbury)
    A mysterious gunshot in the night, an interview with a real live female and a library that is not a library ...or is it?

    Includes the sketches:
    A Shocking Exposť
    The Mystery of the Exploding Butler (Parts 1-2)
    Fun with Wicker Baskets
    Not a Library
    The Girl with Two Legs
    The Andrey's Single & Depressed Show
    Splicey Dicey
    Abstract Emancipation of the Inner Canoe
    ...and more!

    Compiled by Alastair Craig

    Episode 104: Podcast Goes Hawaiian
    This week on The Paint Show, we discuss thrilling new developments in the world of latex paint.

    Includes the sketches:
    The Paint Show
    Cooking with Claude
    Five Second Movie Reviews
    Paul Attempts a Robbery
    ...and more!

    "Self Portrait: The TRCFM Anthem"
    recorded by the Red Square Collective.
    Download MP3 | Add to MySpace profile

    Compiled by Alastair Craig
    (Additional consultation and boyish good looks by Tim Morrison.)

    Episode 103: Zombie Pirate Bride of Podcast
    An exploding garden shed, robot poetry and an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the Mooon People!

    Includes the sketches:
    A Lecture from Freud
    SexChat Promo
    Andrey's Pity Corner
    Sir Grimsworth and the Garden Shed
    Exciting Car Chase
    The Stephen Hawking Impersonation Hour
    Easy as Pie
    An Interview with one of the Mooon People
    The Land of Canoe Blues
    ...and more!

    Compiled by Tim Morrison and Alastair Craig

    Episode 102: SON OF PODCAST
    Seductive biscuits, a decrepit old crone and the world of literature explored via rap.

    Includes the sketches:
    Andrey's House of Facism
    Jane & The Decrepit Old Crone
    Something Something Something (Something)
    Honest John's Homicidal Bargains
    Seductive Biscuits
    Scooby Doo & The Ghost Bucanneer
    Literacy Rap
    ...and more!

    Compiled by Tim Morrison and Alastair Craig

    Episode 101: Attack of the Pilot Episode
    Nine non-refundable minutes of concentrated fun from the finest comic minds ever to contribute to

    Includes the sketches:
    Shave and a Haircut
    Frederick, Airport Worker
    The TRC Broadcast Radio Web Thing
    The Land of Canoes
    Blood, Blood, Blood
    You, Ten Years From Now
    ...and more!

    Compiled by Tim Morrison and Alastair Craig

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