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SpamArt: Postcards From The Internet

Posted on August 29th, 2009 by Paul Matijevic

FACT: In his daily tech support work for The Man, Tim encounters a huge volume of unintentionally hilarious spam subject headings.

FACT: The world has been a slightly less awesome place since stopped posting its priceless visual interpretations of such spam titles, and will remain slightly less awesome until somebody picks up where it left off.

FACT: Paul “Ettin” Matijevic can sketch a mean stick figure.


2 Responses to “SpamArt: Postcards From The Internet”

  1. D.J CatNo Gravatar Says:

    Thank you Ettin for keeping the dream alive!

  2. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    The big question is: “whose dream?”

    The only rational explanation for some of these spam titles (and there are dozens of absolute classics we’ll be sharing – if not in this format, than at least as a list) is that they’re descriptions of actual dreams, hastily scribbled down in the waking moments before the memory fades.

    In fact, under-the-table pharmaceutical companies may very well be giving their marketing divisions designated nap times, and providing attractive tax deductions on root beer and cheese to encourage subconscious creativity.

    D.J Cat, you might want to get out of town for a while, because you might have just exposed a major trade secret.

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