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The Rubber Chicken – Taxidermists from a Parallel Universe

Lead vocals by Chris Shadforth.
Lyrics and music by Alastair Craig.
Additional shouty bits by Tim Morrison.

As heard in Mr. Podcast’s Neighbourhood
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SpamArt: Postcards From The Internet

Posted on August 29th, 2009 by Paul Matijevic

FACT: In his daily tech support work for The Man, Tim encounters a huge volume of unintentionally hilarious spam subject headings.

FACT: The world has been a slightly less awesome place since stopped posting its priceless visual interpretations of such spam titles, and will remain slightly less awesome until somebody picks up where it left off.

FACT: Paul “Ettin” Matijevic can sketch a mean stick figure.


A world-weary noir detective and a dark ‘n’ gritty reimagining of Sherlock Holmes investigate the brutal death of a beloved TRC cast member in this epic murder mystery / romantic comedy / time travel adventure.

Written by
Andrey Summers, Alastair Craig and Tim Morrison.
Additional scenes by Ben K. and Chad McCanna.

“Original” Music
Tomorrow performed by Fiona “I Don’t Really Sing Like This” Revill
Rock Mobster (It’s Funny, You See, Because…) composed under academic duress by Alastair Craig.
Zombie Girl appears courtesy of The Terrordactyls

Episode compiled by Alastair Craig

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Goodbye Marco

Posted on September 12th, 2008 by Andrey Summers

I don’t know if you’re aware of what the word ‘pedantry’ is, but basically it’s when you force your own high-minded knowledge and life-regulations on other people, such as condescendingly rubbing people’s faces in the meaning of the word ‘pedantry’.

To further illustrate the concept for you before tearing those little training wheels right off, I could perhaps explain that George F. Walker wrote a play once called “Zastrozzi: the Master of Discipline”. I could also elucidate you regarding the play’s staging last summer at Granville Island’s prestigious Waterfront Theatre.

Local Celebrity level Vancouver Actors were in this thing, and the most Locally Celebrated one of them all was named Marco Soriano. He played Zastrozzi – the coveted title role.

I wasn’t in this play. But I did get in there with familiar TRC faces James Simpson and Mike Cope to KILL OFF Marco Soriano, and document the grizzly aftermath.

What you have in front of you is the resultant YouTube’d film – almost 40 minutes in length and almost 4 of those actually amusing.


(Parts 2-4 after the jump)

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The Last Huzzah

Posted on April 15th, 2006 by Alastair Craig

Against all reason, many readers (myself included) still appear to hold a soft spot for the crude animations that kicked off the website back at the turn of the century. Today we revisit that world in five frames per second with The Last Huzzah.  It’s the season finale – dare I say, the swan song – of The Rubber Chicken’s GIF Jamboree, and I assure you we are barring no holds.

Previous Episode:
Happy Adventure II: THE BEGINNING
The Happy Adventure Series The End

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Guest Crap Comic: The Klobber Sessions

Posted on December 22nd, 2005 by Andy Webb

Alastair: Here are some facts you might not know about  Artist Extraordinaire Klobber:

  • Fact #1: By day, Klobber rescues endangered kittens. By night, he works as a volunteer chef at the local orphanage.
    The secret ingredient to his much-loved Meow Meow Furry Surprise Soup remains a mystery to this day.
  • Fact #2: Not only was Klobber raised as a pirate; he dabbled in the ninja arts in college.
  • Fact #3: Klobber personally wrote and directed Leonardo DeCaprio’s death scene in the film Titanic. He also personally assassinated Aldolf Hitler. Twice.
  • Fact #4: Klobber!

Now you know all about Klobber, you can safely see his bold reinterpretation of the Crap Comic series! It will blow your mind like Paris Hilton bl[SYSTEM ERROR: MAINSTREAM CULTURE JOKE DETECTED. AUTOMATIC SHUTDOWN INITIATED]

Klobber Presents: Crap Comic

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Crap Comic: Angst

Posted on January 31st, 2005 by Ben K

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