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Wanna B N Angel

Posted on June 13th, 2008 by Gord Myren

A modern hip-hop ballad (like the kids like) about lofty career aspirations.
The closing song of Podcast 204 – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Podcast

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Lyrics by Andrey Summers.  Music by Gord Myren.
Recorded by the Red Square Collective.

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Friedrich Nietzsche was evicted from the womb in 1776 by a woman who, by the most astonishing of coincidences, turned out to he his mother. Birth, however, is where Nietzsche’s similarity to the rest of the human race ends, for he was and is, in exactly the same way as every other famous thinker, truly unique.

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Before we embraced the world of sound with – let’s not lie here – a pretty boot-bottomly bitchin’ podcast, we had several less advisable attempts at musicianship. While we had a lot to learn in the ways of musical timing and audio editing, we hope you still enjoy these tracks in the intended spirit of amateurish fun.

To hear some competently produced tunes, check out these Songs from the Podcast.

Friedrich Nietzsche might be a household name, but does anyone really know how to pronounce it?  We took on the issue head-on through an impossible-to-ignore medium: the sea shanty.

Download Yo Ho! (The Nietzsche Pronunciation Seafaring Blues)
Download Yo Ho! (Hip-Hop Reprise)

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The latest bombshell in the alarming trend of inventing alarming trends and complaining about them, then updating about them with a self-referential joke about the alarming trend of inventing alarming trends, is here. And by “here”, I mean the link after this paragraph, which as I type is rendering the word “here” increasingly irrelevant by drawing the link in question away from the close-to-immediate proximity “here” suggests.

Can I start this again? No? Then read on, fair reader, to discover Why Bus Drivers Should Stop Wearing Reindeer Antlers On Their Heads. It will blow your mind, damaging valuable brain cells and making your left arm twitch involuntarily.

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Historical Afterthoughts

Posted on August 7th, 2004 by Andrey Summers

“Uh, let there be light, I guess.”

“Wait, wait, cut.”
“What is it, George?”
“I was just thinking…maybe we should set Star Wars in space?”

“Yeah, okay I guess we’d better leave Poland. No, actually, wait, nevermind.”

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Happy Adventure II: THE BEGINNING

Posted on April 11th, 2004 by Alastair Craig

Happy Adventure II: THE BEGINNING

Previous Episode:
Happy Adventure II: Trailer
The Happy Adventure Series Final Episode:
The Last Huzzah

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or sample our sketch comedy radio series.

Crap Comic: Art Appreciation

Posted on March 3rd, 2004 by Ben K

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Historical Afterthoughts

The full archive of , Aussie Ben‘s shortlived pictorial placing dialogue from our favourite LucasArts adventure games in the real world.

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