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“Panda Three to Control – I’ve just spotted a silver hovercraft
being chased by an old crock at 90mph, and there’s a little tiny helicopter after ‘em both! I’m in pursuit! Over.”

Planet of the Spiders (Part Two)
Written by Robert Sloman & Barry Letts
Starring John Pertwee & Elisabeth Sladen
And introducing Stuart Fell as “Tramp Under Hovercraft”

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Lazy promotional stop-motion adventures by Hiperpinguino, Zenfighter and Ged.

Episode One – Escape from the Sinister House
The Quack Cap (only US$13.99, plus postage) makes the first bold step into the outside world, only to find trouble, aka Han Solo, blocking its path. Can the Quack Cap make its escape… in a VAN?

Episode Two – Escape from the Pool Table
This week, well, honestly, we have no idea. Neither, we suspect, did its creators. Just sit back and enjoy the strangely addictive scatterbrained madness.

Episode Three: Escape From the Pool Table… Again
This week’s tale is a more somber, story-driven affair. Featuring pirates, planes, and creative uses for onions.

Episode Four: Bump in the Night
Quack Cap not included.

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Firstly, it’s high time I acknowledged our Star Wars fan readership:

If any Rubber Chicken readers…
Actually, if I may digress for a moment (ignoring that this update is essentially one embarassingly large digression – but I digress) we really need a proper name for Rubber Chicken fans. “Achickenados” has a certain awkward charm. If you have any better suggestions, please get in touch.
Now if I’d kindly stop interrupting…

If any of you tentatively-titled achickenados live in Brisbane, Australia, you can find me queuing up for Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith at the Queen Street Mall Regent Cinemas from late tomorrow afternoon until midnight. I’ll be the bloodied corpse in the gutter, bludgeoned to death by plastic lightsabres, wearing the traditional home-made “Jar Jar Binks Sombrero” costume.

It’s been lovely knowing you all.

GalderHat’s World of Bollocks

Posted on December 11th, 2003 by Mr. Karl

Because we love idle contributor Karl “Galder Weatherwax’s Hat” Kavanagh far too dearly to let him live his life constructively, The Rubber Chicken will post Forum excerpts of his enviable Irish wit under his name until he caves and writes something new for TRC proper.
We miss you, Karl.

  • “I’ve never understood exactly how you’d go about giving someone the cold shoulder. I, for one, quite enjoy my shoulders and, only having two, am in no state to go flinging them about.”
  • “If Ireland’s premier television vote-in music video show for people who aren’t in bed at three in the morning, Music 3, is any indication, “Gay Bar” is popular among people who aren’t in bed at three in the morning and are inclined to vote in to vote-in music video shows on Ireland’s premier television.”
  • “Cleanliness is far overrated. It involves washing. One of my t-shirts is regularly washed, and now is less black than before. And a part of the giant arse that Rik Mayall and Ade Edmunson are in is gone. This just so it can bend? No thank you.”
  • “I swear I’m not as camp in real life. Except when I’m wearing a dress.”

In A Neck Tie: The Complete Series

Posted on July 15th, 2003 by Mister Bung

The full archive of The Rubber Chicken’s acclaimed “…in a Neck Tie” series, Mister Bung’s controversial and erotic union between The Wonderful World of Animals and contemporary formal wear.


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Why All Politicians Should Have Mullets

Posted on January 25th, 2003 by JJ McCullough

Guest artwork by JJ McCullough from Filibuster Cartoons.

More in-depth political satire:
Hassling People of Importance: Governor-General Guy Green
Comic: The Rubber Chicken Talks Politics

Yes, Stephen. You did indeed do that.

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Wheresmegherkin: The Story So Far

Posted on October 30th, 2002 by Alastair Craig

Most popular bands sport an interesting story behind their name. Luckily, wheresmegerkin? never gained popularity. The band’s original lineup needs no introduction (but will nonetheless get one): Hannah Craig, vocalist, chronic pyromaniac and former bassist (following a court order to be kept away from all flammable objects), Louise Alipaté, drummer, pianist and self-declared Tina Turner Karaoke Queen, and guitarist Alastair Craig, who writes erotic Star Wars fan-fiction.

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