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As ancient terrors from the deep infiltrate sleepy suburbia, Stephen Hawking and Satan debate Bewitched casting.  Hardcore Holmes makes the ultimate edgy sacrifice, the inventor of the Time Phone wages an awkward war against himself, and legendary impaler Vlad Tepes takes on his biggest enemy yet: Zoning Bylaws.

Meanwhile, in the writers’ room, the creators of a sketch-comedy podcast embark on a sprawling metafictional odyssey equal parts hilarious, confusing and TERRIFYINGLY APOCALYPTIC.

Big Explosions!  Brain-Sucking Monsters!  Car Chases!  Wailing Guitars!  Taxidermy!  Awkward, Potentially Homoerotic Domestic Situations!  A Ham Sandwich!  All this and oh-so-much more in this massive, charmingly convoluted labour of love, two comically on-and-off years in the making.

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Written by
Tim Morrison, Andrey Summers and Alastair Craig

Original Music
Taxidermists from a Parallel Universe written and produced by Alastair Craig.
Lead vocals by Christopher Shadforth

Episode produced by Alastair Craig

SpamArt: Postcards From The Internet

Posted on August 29th, 2009 by Paul Matijevic

FACT: In his daily tech support work for The Man, Tim encounters a huge volume of unintentionally hilarious spam subject headings.

FACT: The world has been a slightly less awesome place since stopped posting its priceless visual interpretations of such spam titles, and will remain slightly less awesome until somebody picks up where it left off.

FACT: Paul “Ettin” Matijevic can sketch a mean stick figure.


Perry’s Picnic

Posted on June 28th, 2008 by Fiona Revill

Andrey: TRC’s readership is many things. One of those things is a viewership. And with that in mind, we present the first in a series of Televised Segments that you – the fans – Implicitly Demanded in the Wiki. Not only is this more evidence of how interactive, and mindful of our public we are, it’s also an embarrassing indication of our insufferable tendency to pander.

Most of all, however, it’s a highly amusing bit of collaboration with Local Celebrity Adam Pateman, whose standup comedy you can procure on YouTube, and let’s face it – probably should.

The next installment of Perry’s Picnic will be appearing as soon as you ingest this one, and if you like it, say so in the so-called Forums and we’ll see what we can do with regards to pandering some more. A higher-quality version of the vid is available on the YouTube page right under the abominably low viewer-count.

This week on The Paint Show, we discuss thrilling new developments in the world of latex and elastomeric paint!

Includes the sketches:
Cooking with Claude
Five Second Movie Reviews
Paul Attempts a Robbery

Original Music
Self Portrait: The TRCFM Anthem

Written and performed by Andrey Summers and Gord Myren.

Episode compiled by Alastair Craig
(Additional planning and boyish good looks by Tim Morrison.)

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This episode: an exploding garden shed, robot poetry and an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the Mooon People!

Includes the sketches:
The Stephen Hawking Impersonation Hour
Easy as Pie
The Land of Canoe Blues
…and more!

Compiled by Tim Morrison and Alastair Craig

Directly Download MP3

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Crap Comic: Christ These Are Bad

Posted on February 14th, 2006 by Ben K

For your perusal, another crap comic. The amusing thing is that I spent more time capturing, animating and optimizing the image to the left than I spent on the concept and construction of the entire comic you’re about to look at. How’s that for… er, something.

Actually, that image is pretty amusing. I could watch it for hours.

And you know, I think I will.  Look! They just keep slapping each other!  And one of them’s an evil mastermind with a scar who is voiced by John DiMaggio, the guy who does Bender in Futurama!

The Official Rubber Chicken Pizza

Posted on September 5th, 2005 by The Rubber Chicken

A reader recipe by D.J Cat and Chooker

Alastair: Long-time reader and forum members D.J. Cat and Chooker have proven their devotion to The Rubber Chicken time and time again in a series of increasingly flattering and terrifying ways.

In this, their latest effort, they have achieved what we sceptics have long deemed impossible: summarised the entire website in pizza form. No longer must we settle for fleeting licks of the computer screen. If the haphazard miscellany of TRC had a definitive flavour, this is almost certainly it.

Gentlemen, we salute you! Without you, the world would be a much less interesting and much more comfortable place.

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It’s okay. You can unshield your eyes now. “Cadbury Creme Fantasies” was an incredibly subtle and elaborate joke.

We originally hoped to have it up on April Fools Day. Obviously, it wasn’t. Or perhaps it was, and the results were so horrifying our minds suppressed the very memory of the chocolate-coated trauma. Time (plus years of therapy and countless nights of waking up at 3am in a cold sweat) will tell.

Special thanks to TRC newcomer “Chris” for the idea and spectacular anti-erotic modelling work, and to “Rachelle” for also sacrificing her dignity (if quite enthusiastically) for shallow internet fame.

It’s back to business as usual, then! Watch this space:.


Well? Are you watching it?

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Now, I know what you’re thinking.  How is it that God made me so much weaker and more pathetic than everyone else?  How long is it before everything I’ve worked to build for myself fails, and I’m left a vacant stall of a human with nothing but a stool-sample to be proud of?  Where did I go wrong?

Well, you’re drinking dairy, that’s where. You SHOULD be drinking Silk. And here’s why.


The prostate, like the Cadillac, is an important part of the male reproductive system. It’s a gland about the size of a Zulu Shrunken Head that surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the toilet seat, and areas up to a meter around the bowl) and lies at the base of the bladder. This gland secretes about 25% of the seminal fluid that is combined with sperm during Friday On Showcase. This prostatic fluid protects and energizes sperm, like a Super Mushroom in Mario World. Increased growth of the prostate can sometimes lead to health problems such as BPH (Big-time Prostate Hurtin’) – a benign enlargement of the prostate that causes uncomfortable symptoms – and possibly impolite laughter and ridicule among your peers.

Soy foods can protect your prostate. Some studies indicate that even one glass of soymilk every day is enough to provide your prostate with the protective benefits of soy. Other studies indicate that these first studies are biased, but statistics say that these studies are unreliable, due to their bias toward reliability, which, like any bias, is unreliable unless proven otherwise by various studies. According to a study at Loma Linda University, men who consumed soymilk at least once per day had a 70% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer, and were gay.

Don’t take chances with your prostate! If you’re going to bet a lot of money on one game of poker, leave your prostate in the hotel room! You remember those weird, spasmic ass-pains you were having, Alastair Robert Craig of 14 Earl Av, Brisbane, QLD? That’s your God-damned Prostate! Are you listening to me, dammit?

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Mailbag: A Man Named Clive

Posted on October 12th, 2004 by Ben K

This edition is dedicated to the cast of popular Australian Sitcom “Hey, Dad!”

For giving us an excuse to go outside between 1986 – 1994.

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