The Chicken Feed

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Alastair: If there’s one thing the superficial persona I invented for the sake of this introduction can’t stand, it’s ambiguous lyrics. When I’m getting down to the doof doof doof doof music us young people totally dig, I want the song’s meaning to be unmistakably obvious.

Piece of Me by Britney Spears, on the other hand, is a piece riddled with riddles. With odd self-depreciating lines like “Oh my god, that Britney’s shameless” and seemingly unrelated references to the paparazzi, it’s impossible to tell where she’s going without some sort of in-depth, line-by-line analysis. And so with the moral support (of the writing-several-passages-outright variety) of Chad McCanna and Andrey Summers, I put together exactly that.

Sensitive readers are advised that the following article contains graphic images of the spiky-haired guy from Good Charlotte.

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The I Feel Pretty Good Blues

Posted on February 2nd, 2008 by Gord Myren

The genre-defining closing song of Podcast 201.

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Music and vocals by Gord Myren.
Lyrics by Andrey Summers.
Recorded by the Red Square Collective.

More songs from The Rubber Chicken Podcast

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Here we are in Paris, France, enjoying ourselves at the expense of what we at naively consider your entertainment.  (This chicken, purchased in Barcelona, Spain, represents everyone else’s motivation, which always leaves when I do.  It’s an awkward metaphor, yes.  Let’s not dwell.)

Upon returning, it’s time for a long-overdue all-star action makeover. TRC has transformed considerably under this design’s iron dictatorship, virtually into an entirely new site twice over. The time has come, the walrus said, to catch the fuck up already.

That means stripping the operation down to its pasty white foundations: silly movies, the nitpicking of obscure early 90s cartoons, and anything else that maintains the sense of fun that has made this site such a joy to work on (when we could be bothered), over the last seven years. Anything not serving the Prime Directive will be unceremoniously swept under the couch or tweaked with enough reckless historical revisionism to give George Lucas violent convulsions.

The podcast shall bounce back for a second, more sketch show-y season. Shed no tears; we’ll try to space episodes more evenly between other material. The last few months of podcast-podcast-podcast was a necessary evil – a refreshing break from spelling and punctuation, and hopefully one you enjoyed. But it was just a phase. Like puberty, but with canoes in place of erections.

And did I mention regular updates?
Ha ha ha, no, I most certainly did not.

Historical Afterthoughts

Posted on August 7th, 2004 by Andrey Summers

“Uh, let there be light, I guess.”

“Wait, wait, cut.”
“What is it, George?”
“I was just thinking…maybe we should set Star Wars in space?”

“Yeah, okay I guess we’d better leave Poland. No, actually, wait, nevermind.”

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