The Chicken Feed

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Your guide to forging the Perfect Taco, from the most reliable of culinary authorities: a small-time comedy website.

How do you start an article that discusses the merits of washing your drains thoroughly every two years? You don’t.

Everybody knows that Tacos are the staple of everybody’s diet. Hitler ate tacos before commiting suicide. Indiana Jones is famous for his trademark “Taco Dance” remark in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Even the second richest biped in the world (the first being Scrooge McDuck), Bill Gates, is humbled by the very thought of a taco. He purchased Taco Bell on a whim! No, wait. That was a taco. He purchased a taco on a whim.

Anyway, with all this talk of tacos, I thought it was only appropriate that I show you how I make them. I mean, what’s the point of reading this site all the time if you don’t learn something, right? I’m sure there’s logic in there somewhere. Please let me know if you find it.

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