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Alastair: Australian comedian Shaun Micallef is somewhat of a demigod to The Rubber Chicken’s Australian writers.  His previous sketch comedy series is eerily similar to the sort of show we would make, but for our lack of time, money and talent.  It was therefore only natural that we await Micallef Tonight, his long-overdue return to television, as parents would their firstborn.  And when that show (let’s end the baby metaphor here before things get ugly) was prematurely axed by the Nine Network after barely two months on air, we considered it a direct and personal insult.

The following retaliatory letters won’t bring the show back, but they just might waste precious seconds of a Channel Nine secretary’s time. And in the end, that’s what is all about.  More importantly, we hope they give you a good chuckle, and go that little way in restoring the laughs robbed from the world in these dark, dark days.

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A small sample of the comic genius YOU are missing out on by living in a different country to Mr. Shaun Micallef.


This is just ridiculous. Not only has comedian and television personality Shaun Micallef yet to reach total world domination, but he’s only reaching the miniscule audience of millions of Australian viewers! We’ll soon fix that. With the magic of this wonderful Inter-Web Net Thingy, I can let all sorts of people around the world know about Shaun’s many hilarious shenanigans. I claim no responsibilty for the jokes, though. They’re all Shaun’s. I’m just ‘spreading the word’, as it were.

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