The Chicken Feed

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Mailbag: Jesus Wants Spiritual Fruit

Posted on February 28th, 2006 by Ben K

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The Official Rubber Chicken Pizza

Posted on September 5th, 2005 by The Rubber Chicken

A reader recipe by D.J Cat and Chooker

Alastair: Long-time reader and forum members D.J. Cat and Chooker have proven their devotion to The Rubber Chicken time and time again in a series of increasingly flattering and terrifying ways.

In this, their latest effort, they have achieved what we sceptics have long deemed impossible: summarised the entire website in pizza form. No longer must we settle for fleeting licks of the computer screen. If the haphazard miscellany of TRC had a definitive flavour, this is almost certainly it.

Gentlemen, we salute you! Without you, the world would be a much less interesting and much more comfortable place.

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Fast Food ‘Foolery

Posted on September 10th, 2003 by Alastair Craig

Alastair Craig
Return Address



The Manager
“Pizza Hut”
Shop 2/214-218
Waterworks Rd.
Ashgrove 4060

September 10, 2003

Hi, I’ll have a Big Mac!!!!!!!

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