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Santa Klau-au-auss

Posted on December 26th, 2006 by Gord Myren

The culturally-sensitive closing song of the 2006 Christmas Podcast.

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Music written and performed by Gord Myren.
Lyrics written and performed by Andrey Summers.
Recorded by the Red Square Collective.

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Andrey: As a gifted orator once said, “I’m a slave 4 U”. For twelve hours straight we toiled, to bring you what is possibly the most putritly festive, grotesque, bloated half-hour holiday special imaginable. That’s right- I said half hour. In Canada, it’s quantity over quality, and with Alastair Europe-bound, Gord and I have seen fit to deliver a Christmas Podcast to end not only other such Podcasts, but also possibly civilization as a whole.

Hold on to your hat, and wait impatiently for the 27MB MP3 to download. Trust me: it’s worth it. Nine out of our ten listeners recommend it.

Dramatis Personae
Gord Myren
Andrey Summers
Emily Horn
Fiona Revill
Sonny Bobardt
with Cathy Hronek, Dan Horn, Adrienne Paulson and “Dave”.

Written by
Andrey Summers
James Simpson
Fiona Revill

Original Music by
Gord Myren
with “Santa Klau-au-auss” Lyrics written and performed by Andrey Summers

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Mailbag: Highly Adjective Noun

Posted on September 18th, 2005 by Mister Bung

This edition is dedicated to The Other Guy From “Wham!

Still doing a wonderful job of not being George Michael.

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You may have noticed that Something Awf The Rubber Chicken’s poll has been closed down for nearly eight billion years, displaying the mysterious message “closed while we search for a poll service that hasn’t whored itself to pop-up adver-

Okay, the message is way too long, and is a lie anyway so I’m not going to bother trying to remember the rest of it. Instead, here’s the dirty and somewhat obvious truth: nobody’s been searching for anything. In fact, the “administration” here (hahahahahahahahahahaha) has gladly forgotten all about its extinct poll the same way they cried their crocodile tears about September 11th, and then partnered with Halliburton during the privatization of Iraq. You’re probably wondering where Chad is. Well, he’s in an oil derrick outside Fellujah (Microsoft Word Dictionary: “Elijah?”).

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