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In light of recent news, let us set aside our silly podcasts and Ninja Turtle appraisal and take a moment to celebrate the human spirit.  Let’s not delude ourselves with nihilistic doomsday predictions, humanity: we are pretty darn-tootin’ great.

And for only $10.99, this greatness can be yours to cherish forever! From the Earth to the Moon, Tom Hanks’ brilliant 12-part love letter to the Apollo missions, is now sickeningly cheap on If you’ve ever found yourself staring wistfully at the full moon, marvelling, as the honking drivers behind you shout “GREEN LIGHT, MORON”, that our little species could get so far, you owe it to yourself to watch this uplifting, heartbreaking and occasionally hilarious series.  My friends assure me it is officially on the list of Pop-Culture Moments In Which A Grown Man Is Permitted To Cry, right between The Time Traveller’s Wife and the ending of Terminator 2.

We now return to our regularly scheduled discussion topic: donatello from tmnt or the professor from honey i shrunk the kids who is the better mechanic??? Please leave your replies below.

Neil, Buzz, Michael, if any of you choose to celebrate your accomplishment with a quiet night indoors reading an obscure Australian/Canadian comedy page: we salute you.

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Selling Out With Andrey

Posted on March 1st, 2003 by Andrey Summers

The Rubber Chicken began life as a mildly silly videogame review page.
Out of respect for history, we have kept some of the least embarrassing early reviews in the archive.

It’s not hard to get excited about Septic Cleaner. After all, who enjoys a dirty septic system? Not me, that’s for sure!

However, it’s not often great deals for septic system cleaning come along, so when I saw !! Astounding Septic Product !! from “Barry” in my Junk Mail folder, I literally fell off my chair with glee!  And How!

Without neither trepidation nor pants, I set off to learn more about the amazing SPC, and boy was I stunned and slightly aroused by what I learnt!

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Promotional Message #2

Posted on February 24th, 2001 by Alastair Craig

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