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TRC Merchandise: The College Years

Posted on February 15th, 2008 by Alastair Craig

Like a killer wasp in an out-of-place simile, The Rubber Chicken Store is active once more.

First amongst the new batch is the Land of Canoes Torso Concealer. Such is the overpowering chirpiness of this colourful, yet tastefully understated t-shirt that drawing it physically gave cartoonist extraordinaire Andy “Klobber” Webb a headache. Don’t let his sacrifice go unrewarded – order today!

Update: By popular demand (hi Mum), the shirt is now also available in a naughty-word-free version, for those who prefer their t-shirts obscenely colourful but not colourfully obscene. Conservative but flamboyant gay men now have no reason not to own one. Jawsome!

Next on the rolecall is the timeless Quack Cap, now with a freshly revised URL and 50% more timelessness. You’ve learned why the sun shines, now shield yourself from the answer!

And, er, if it’s all the same with you, I’d rather not talk about the third item. Some scars take longer to heal than others.


Posted on November 25th, 2005 by Ben K


The Rubber Chicken ( respects the privacy of its readers in compliance with the Federation Trade Act (CMWTH 1935). Please contact our legal department for more information. The client in question has contacted us and would like to add that she is not a bald man with stubble.

Lazy promotional stop-motion adventures by Hiperpinguino, Zenfighter and Ged.

Episode One – Escape from the Sinister House
The Quack Cap (only US$13.99, plus postage) makes the first bold step into the outside world, only to find trouble, aka Han Solo, blocking its path. Can the Quack Cap make its escape… in a VAN?

Episode Two – Escape from the Pool Table
This week, well, honestly, we have no idea. Neither, we suspect, did its creators. Just sit back and enjoy the strangely addictive scatterbrained madness.

Episode Three: Escape From the Pool Table… Again
This week’s tale is a more somber, story-driven affair. Featuring pirates, planes, and creative uses for onions.

Episode Four: Bump in the Night
Quack Cap not included.

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