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A ripping yarn of intrigue and international espionage, as told through the most trusted of narrative devices: the answering machine.

Written and performed by
Michael Cope and Andrey Summers
With the vocal talents of Fiona Revill

“Terrorist” appears courtesy of The Terrordactyls

Episode compiled by Andrey Summers
Additional material and editing by Alastair Craig

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In this bonus DVD extra, the cutting room floor is raided for outtakes, bloopers, and incredibly offensive musical numbers.
Fans only, and may God have mercy on your souls.

Compiled by Tim Morrison.

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When I accused J.K. Rowling of promoting witchcraft with her Harry Potter series, little did I expect this could be perceived as an accusation that J.K. Rowling actually promoted witchcraft with her Harry Potter series.

Nor, when I encouraged Rubber Chicken readers to advertise the link on Harry Potter message boards, did I expect any hate mail.

The below email is one of literally hundreds sent to Ethel Roberts, the manifesto’s fictitious author.

Let’s hope we can sort out this little misunderstanding peacefully and professionally.

Special thanks go to the Forumites for their suggestions and feedback all the way through.  You all rock harder than a particularly rocky rock with a penchant for rock music and a strong mind to purchase “The Scorpian King” on DVD some day, maybe, if it’s on the cheap.

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This morning I received a late birthday package from an unknown sender. Fearing anthrax, I nervously glanced inside to find the pop-culture equivalent.  Brett Cullen of Perth, Western Australia, you are a wonderful bastard.

Crap Comic #2: When is a Shower Not a Shower?

Posted on August 14th, 2003 by Ben K

Remember that crap comic I did a few days back?  Many begged for me to stop, but you know – if you stop at one, then you’ll only have one crap comic. And that just won’t do.

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