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The I Feel Pretty Good Blues

Posted on February 2nd, 2008 by Gord Myren

The genre-defining closing song of Podcast 201.

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Music and vocals by Gord Myren.
Lyrics by Andrey Summers.
Recorded by the Red Square Collective.

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Lyrics after the jump

The I Feel Pretty Good Blues

Well I woke up this morning
In my big queen size bed
Thought I’d take a shower
But I took a bath instead

It’s Saturday baby
Got nothing to do
So I’m sitting here singing
The I Feel Pretty Good Blues

Thought I’d make a sammich
‘Fore the baguette goes stale
It’s a French baguette baby
I bought five on sale

The manager, he knows me
Down at the Fun Lucky Mart
Mr. Yamasaki
I learned his last name by heart

I’ve got the blues
The I Feel Pretty Good Blues
The I Know A Japanese Guy And He Gives Me Little Discounts Blues

Now I’m doing a crossword
I’m quite good at this
Two down, five letters
A restraint for your wrists

Well that must be “handcuffs”
But “handcuffs” is nine
I’ll shorten it maybe
Just “cuffs” should do just fine

I’ve got the blues
The I Feel Pretty Good Blues
The I Told You I Was Good At Doing Crosswords And Sudokus Blues

Now my cell phone is ringing
Girl, you’re on the line
Say you’re leaving me baby
But I don’t really mind

It was great while it lasted
And I have no regrets
But I won’t make a big deal of it
By whining about what’s past

I’ve got the blues
The I Still Feel Pretty Good Blues
The I Know How Two Mature People Can Mutually End A Relationship Blues

My bottle of fruit juice
Is empty tonight
I drink too much baby
Too much Sunny Delight

I know it’s not healthy
I’m destroying myself
But down at the Fun Lucky Mart
There’s nothing else pulpless on the shelf

I’ve got the blues
The I Feel Pretty Good Blues
The At Least I Have The Sense To Never Drink, Do Drugs Or Have Fatty Foods Blues

Now I’m manning the phones, girl
Down at the crisis line
Hearing all the poor people
As they bitch and they whine

God damn it’s annoying
To hear them go on
But if I put it all to music
I might get a decent song

I’ve got the blues
The I Feel Pretty Good Blues
The Sad People’s Lives Plus Rhyme Scheme Maybe Equals Small Time Profits Blues
I’ve Made Up A Genre And I Don’t Know What To Call It Blues.

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  1. Episode 201: Radio City Music Hall Presents "An Evening With Podcast" | Rubber Chicken Audio Says:

    [...] Music The I Feel Pretty Good Blues recorded by Red Square Collective. Lyrics by Andrey Summers. Music and performance by Gord Myren. [...]

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