The Chicken Feed

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The double-length, cliffhanger-laden season finale, in which Beryl finally learn the true meaning of the word “callipigious”.
Guest starring Emily Horn as “Andrey’s Ex-Girlfriend”.

Includes the sketches:
Andrey/Emily: SHOWDOWN
Death of a Paint Show
Hlaude’s Horrible Hliffhanger
Evil Rollerblades
…and more!

Original Music
“Final Song” written and performed by Andrey Summers and Gord Myren.

Episode Compiled by Alastair Craig and Tim Morrison
Additional production and BATSHIT INSANE remixing by Brett “Mister Bung” Cullen.

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Season 1, Episode 7 Commentary

  • Ben: Well, for a change of pace, it’s another freaking podcast! No suitibly wacky pictures to go with this one, I’m afraid. Why? Is the twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet.
  • Commentary coming sooon!

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