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As ancient terrors from the deep infiltrate sleepy suburbia, Stephen Hawking and Satan debate Bewitched casting.  Hardcore Holmes makes the ultimate edgy sacrifice, the inventor of the Time Phone wages an awkward war against himself, and legendary impaler Vlad Tepes takes on his biggest enemy yet: Zoning Bylaws.

Meanwhile, in the writers’ room, the creators of a sketch-comedy podcast embark on a sprawling metafictional odyssey equal parts hilarious, confusing and TERRIFYINGLY APOCALYPTIC.

Big Explosions!  Brain-Sucking Monsters!  Car Chases!  Wailing Guitars!  Taxidermy!  Awkward, Potentially Homoerotic Domestic Situations!  A Ham Sandwich!  All this and oh-so-much more in this massive, charmingly convoluted labour of love, two comically on-and-off years in the making.

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Written by
Tim Morrison, Andrey Summers and Alastair Craig

Original Music
Taxidermists from a Parallel Universe written and produced by Alastair Craig.
Lead vocals by Christopher Shadforth

Episode produced by Alastair Craig

6 Responses to “The Rubber Chicken Podcast: Episode 207: Mister Podcast’s Neighborhood

  1. ZinggyNo Gravatar Says:

    Would appreciate audio snippet of “A Ham Sandwich” for personal, private, possibly non-fetishistic usage.

  2. ZinggyNo Gravatar Says:


  3. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    Bon appetit. (You were going to get one anyway, for being our friend.)

    I still can’t wrap my head around this being a tangible, existent thing. Seeing that it was scripted in 2008 and recorded in 2009, I have no delusions of finishing this for anything other than personal closure, but damn, this is a powerful feeling. Hopefully we can ride it all the way to a fast-tracked finale.

    To quote Andrey: “One more, and we can officially start up a new ridiculous, decade-spanning side-project.”

  4. DK Vine » Blog Archive » The Rubber Chicken Gives Aural Pleasure Says:

    [...] season 2 finale of The Rubber Chicken Podcast! You can check it out at our conjoined sister site The Rubber Chicken, or, natch, subscribe in [...]

  5. GramophoneNo Gravatar Says:

    Oh god, how I’ve missed you guys.
    Seeing a new episode up really made my day, you’re all as brilliant as ever.

  6. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    Thanks, Miss Frank. Given the considerable weirdness of this episode, it’s genuinely flattering to know it appealed to people who didn’t personally work on it. Thanks for sticking around!

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