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A dramatic and COMPLETELY TRUE 5-minute re-enactment of the day died.

Written by
Tim Morrison and Andrey Summers

Produced by
Alastair Craig

Also Starring
Michael Cope, Fiona Revill and Alastair’s Mum

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7 Responses to “The Rubber Chicken Podcast: Podisode: Based on a True Story

  1. Zach RichNo Gravatar Says:

    On a different note, if you were to hire the lady on the replacement site, would be filled with 16% more blonde women with smug smiles on their faces. Easy payoffs!

    Also, need more Munich.

  2. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    She’s certainly cute enough to bring in the hits. I can see that now she no longer represents THE THEFT OF ALL I HAD TOILED TO CREATE. We’ll have to get an episode commentary up in the coming days to share the full filthy story.

    I’m very pleased with the way this short episode worked out. Hope you all enjoy it.

  3. Tim MorrisonNo Gravatar Says:

    What’s your methodology for that percentage calculation, Zach? By my number-crunching, TRC, including all semi-regular contributors, is currently 0% smug blonde women. With the three site leads, plus our thirteen or so common ring-ins, adding this young lady to our cast would only be a 6.25% increase.

    But if it’s what will keep our audience happy, we’ll do it. The Munich thing is already in the works.

  4. Zach RichNo Gravatar Says:

    Considering the fact I’ve yet to see pictures of 50% (my estimation) of the staff, I’m assuming 78% (my estimation) of the staff I have yet to see is indeed, smug blonde women.

    With a margin of error +/- 3% (my estimation).

  5. ZinggyNo Gravatar Says:

    You sound like you’ve just aced your Business Math exam.

    I managed to take a quick look at the Twitter Exclusive Behind The Scene Exclusive and I noted that it looks like a program I may have fiddled about with once or twice. BROTHERSHIPHOOD YES.

    Incidentally, did you ever do that thing where you turn it to weird visualization modes and look for cool patterns?

    Another spin on the roulette of WordPress tags. A HREF GO!

  6. Alastair CraigNo Gravatar Says:

    Note how deftly I dodged a joke about “seeing” the next episode in its entirety.
    Missed opportunity, or uncompromising comedic standards?
    YOU probably know where this line is going.

    With all respect to the mathematical efforts above, it’s all futile without a constant universal definition of “staff member”. We were infamous back in the day for our stringent hiring policy, so counting a full list of contributors is going to be messy. Do you include the serious 14-year-old Nintendo reviewers whose mass-produced, four-paragraph reviews have been consentually stricken from the record? The two fictional space kittens?

    Even today, it’s tricky, as technically it’s only the editorial triad of Andrey, Tim and myself. Outside that, we’re keeping the door open to any talented friend or community member willing to participate. (And if you fit that definition, please let me know. Seriously.)

    For the sake of this discussion, let’s use the controversial Podcast 205 Model of Contributor Measurement and count everyone who lent their words or voice to that episode. This gives us a convenient 10% allocation per person, all of whom have profiles with pigmentation/gender-disclosing photos for comparison and I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, but isn’t The Nanny‘s Madeline Zima looking stunning these days?

  7. ZinggyNo Gravatar Says:

    Well, I don’t know about ‘talented’ per se, but if you require a talentless hack what can mash on ComPuTor keys, I am genetically similar to your man.

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