The Chicken Feed

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If you like The Rubber Chicken enough to publically brandish our URL on your person (and hey, thanks, we like you too), now’s your chance. All money goes toward CafePress, who print, process and post the merchandise. The Rubber Chicken does not profit from these sales, as this would mean jacking up the price, and that’s just not on, girlfriend.

Land of Canoes Torso-Concealer

Celebrate the podcast‘s first season flagship musical number
with this migraine-inducing talisman of cuteness. Art by Andy Webb.

Young’uns and Parents Beware:
The original version contains an objectionable word. (Sorry. The composer insisted all expletives remain As God Intended.)
A family-friendly shirt (sans lyrics on the back) is now also available.

View Front

View Back

Order Original Version:
Men’s T-ShirtWomen’s T-ShirtWomen’s V-Neck Shirt

Order Expletive-Free Version:
Men’s T-ShirtWomen’s T-ShirtWomen’s V-Neck Shirt

Quack Cap

The fan favourite, updated for the new millennium.  The Electric Six‘s Dick Valentine willingly wore one for a photo (below), and he hasn’t even heard of the site.  Imagine what the Quack Cap could do for YOU!

View on the head of Dick Valentine
of Popular Musical Group Electric Six

(Thanks to Stafford Marquardt
for his celebrity connections!)

Order your Quack Cap today!

Uncle Chad’s Erotic Pillow

Each pillow is personally tested by Chad (and most are washed afterwards) for that special blend of eroticism and creepiness synonymous with the McC*nna name. Ages 18+. Whip not included.

Order your Erotic Pillow today!
(You know nobody’s making you do this, right?)

Mittens The Cat’s Galaxy-of-Liquid-Holding Super Size Coffee Mug

here is a pic of mittensthe cat doing a cute li:ttle dance with [COPYRIGHTED TITLE REMOVED] my favorite [COPYRIGHTED FRANCHISE REMOVED] isnt he the cutest little cat eva?

Order your Mittens Mug today!