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Wanna B N Angel

Posted on June 13th, 2008 by Gord Myren

A modern hip-hop ballad (like the kids like) about lofty career aspirations.
The closing song of Podcast 204 – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Podcast

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Lyrics by Andrey Summers.  Music by Gord Myren.
Recorded by the Red Square Collective.

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Lyrics after the jump

Wanna B N Angel

Gord: Aw yeah.
Andrey: Damn, baby.
Gord: You know in school when they have a career day in like grade three,
Andrey: And they ask you ‘watchu wanna be when you grow up, guuurl?’
Gord: I told em I don’t wanna be no fireman,
Andrey: And I don’t wanna be no astronaut,
Gord: But I do wanna be something similar to an astronaut.
Andrey: ‘s only one thang I wanna be, babydoll.

I wanna be an angel
High above the world
Sittin’ on a cloud, munchin’ on a bird

Fly above it all
Sex you up girl, if I weren’t asexual

Checkit growing up in Compton, my atheist parents
Told me angels evolved from the archaeopteryx
First winged creature to be rockin’ feathers
Big fluffy-ass clouds were its favorite weather
Now, if I’s an angel
No, I’d never age, y’all
I’d ride fluffy clouds until I was deranged, y’all
And now for the haters sayin’ angels is whack,
An abridged compilation of angel-based facts:

On the Galapagos islands Charles Darwin found Angels
But since then the Angels have become endangered
Not only do they get sucked into jet engines
But poachers hunt them for their valuable urine

Gord: How ’bout that?
Andrey: Educatin’ y’all muthafuckas.
Gord: Sunday school, baby.
Andrey: Seven days a week.
Gord: Any given Sunday, girl.
Andrey: Al Pacino.
Together: Godfather Part Two!

I wanna be an angel
High above the world
Sittin’ on a cloud, munchin’ on a bird

I wanna be an angel

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    [...] Music Wanna B N Angel written and performed by Andrey Summers and Gord Myren Recorded by the Red Square Collective [...]

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