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Sit back, relax and endure The Rubber Chicken’s tedious slideshow of their day trip to The Poor Man’s Hollywood.

In Brisbane, Australia, EVERY moment is a Kodak Moment™!  Here is interstate tourist Ben (right) posing with a sign with a rude word on it!
Yes, the fun never stops in Brisbane, Australia!

But not even that could take away the wonder of…


“Visit Warner Bros. Movie World on Australia’s Gold Coast – where movie magic happens every day! As the only Australian movie related theme park, you will experience a fun-filled, Gold Coast theme park family adventure with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Meet your favourite stars and enjoy all the behind-the-scenes action, comedy stunts and exhilarating rides, shows and attractions!”

With a promotional paragraph this exciting, how could we refuse? And so without further ado, Happy “Alastair” Bob, Aussie “Ben” Ben and Anthony “Alastair’s Brother Anthony” Craig  bought a crappy disposable camera and set out on an outing we would remember, and indeed, recollect, for the rest of our natural lives.

When the bus arrived at the park, the other passengers rushed inside.  We knew better.  We didn’t want the superficial tourist schtick.  We wanted to experience the real Movie World, and there was plenty of that to be found outside.  Pictured above is a lovely patch of grass between the main road and the carpark. That is one fine quality grass patch. And trust us, we’ve seen a lot of grass.  (That was meant to be a subtle, street-wise marijuana reference.  Not sure if that was clear.)

Speaking of carparks, this one was incredible. This photo only captured 1/20th of this immense achievement of gravel and tar constuction. It brought tears to our eyes. Unfortunately, when Ben took a photo, that lousy palm tree got in the way. He was aiming for the glory of the industrial world.

Honourary Australian Chad McCanna joined us via the magic of Photoshop, just in time to get this photo of The Grimace’s van.

Ben and Alastair got loads of dirty looks from onlookers heading back home.  When Alastair later saw somebody in an actual Sylvester costume, he couldn’t control himself. We were politely asked to leave.

Anthony. With a traffic cone.

On his head.

Here is a hilarious license plate we found in the carpark. Honestly, why bother paying an admission fee when you can have this much fun for free?

Finally, if only out of a begrudging sense of obligation, we agreed to see what fun things the theme park itself had to offer. And offer fun things it did. Pictured are Alastair (left), Ben (right) and Anthony’s Thumb (above) posing with one of the sturdiest fire hydrants we’ve ever seen.

Alastair, Chad and Ben wait eagerly for the next Toontown Cab.

Phothoshop Chad and Ben look on excitedly as a sunburnt and momentarily stunned Alastair buys drinks from the friendly vendor Sharon, who refused to smile at the camera for us.

(Editor’s Note: “Steak and mushroom pie” was the final option on every opinion poll the website ran between 2000-2005.  It was just as funny then as it is now.)

Isn’t it always the way? These damn rollercoaster cameras always catch you at the wrong moment.


On our way out we took a quick moment to pay tribute to our mother nation. Unfortunately Anthony’s thumb got in the way of the American flag, ruining what we could only deem the most controversial photo in history.

We boarded the departure bus with bittersweet emotions. The day was over, but we had so many precious memories to take home with us. The van… the cafe menu… marijuana… the car park… all of these would live on in our hearts forever. If life ever gets you down, remember that deep down, there is a little Movie World inside us all.

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